Dear colleague

The National Education Union (NEU) is emerging from the pandemic with thousands of new members, workplace reps and levels of engagement not seen for a generation.

The union believes it’s time to Value Education, Value Educators and make this a focus in every workplace as we plan for the years after Covid-19.

Staff must have a voice and exercise professional agency in their workplace. Through Value Education, Value Educators we will help our members regain the professional confidence to shape teaching and learning, benefit from research and reflect on what their students need.

This autumn term, we will be supporting NEU union groups to work together on eradicating unnecessary workload linked to accountability that exists in education.

We hope this digital resource centre will help you and other NEU members in your workplace.

Resources include:

  • A workload toolkit to enable NEU members to identify workload issues linked to accountability;
  • A model meeting PowerPoint will help you discuss these issues with other members in your workplace;
  • Model letters to raise workload issues you collectively identify with your leadership.

Working alongside NEU members, Value Education, Value Educators seeks to shape the education system in the best interest of our communities and the pupils we teach.

Join us. Together, we can shape the future of education.

Workload guide for your workplace
Union meeting PowerPoint
Model letter to raise workload
Letter from Kevin and Mary
Digital resources